The Job :-

Shipblu is growing rapidly, A promising technology company that still embodies a small start-up culture. Our mission is to provide high quality last-mile and fulfillment services.

Our primary customers are E-commerce stores,Retail stores turning digital and corporate — so Video meetings, session documentation and client satisfaction are our bread and butter.

We are hiring a Client On-boarding Specialist to help set up these customers for immediate success through a clearly defined implementation process.

As a Client On-boarding Specialist, you will educate new customers, help solve their technical challenges, and ensure the smooth adoption of our product. Throughout our customer life-cycles, we prioritize delivering a fantastic customer experience, and on-boarding is the first step of that process.

Responsibilities :-

  • Own and manage customer relationships from the point of sale through successful implementation.
  • Develop measurements to help understand the impact of successful implementation.
  • Create initiatives that help to drive successful client onboarding.
  • Help the clients define their needs and manage their timeline toward seeing value.
  • Work with sales, product, and support teams to ensure that each piece of the journey meets clients’ expectations.
  • Respond to clients’ emails, and calls regarding implementation.
  • Complete video and phone calls to ensure that customers are supported during the onboarding process.
  • Build evergreen content and resources for customers (and other organizations) to use for education and to drive rapid product adoption.
  • Be a Company expert and discuss or educate on any nuance of the product internally and externally.
  • Quickly pick up and disseminate any updates to the product, to your customers as needed.
  • Create repeatable processes, resources, and frameworks to use when onboarding customers.
  • Successfully transfer your client relationship to the relevant team, Support or Account management after on-boarding.

You are :-

  • A talented communicator who has the gift of educating others with new systems, concepts and processes.
  • A patient individual who can work under pressure keeping a professional, pleasant and clear tone with your customers through voice or video calls.
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills
  • Technical knowledge of video encoding frameworks and transcription software.
  • Organizational skills — you'll be working with many customers, and you'll need to have expertise in place to keep all of their needs organized.
  • An understanding of market needs and current use cases of businesses using video.
  • Strategically minded — you'll be helping customers come up with their overall strategy with our product!
  • Highly self-motivated and driven — you don't need someone hovering over your shoulder telling you what to do all day.
  • The ability to shift priorities quickly when necessary.
  • Bachelor’s degree.
  • Training/teaching experience is a plus but not required.