A team is only as good as its members, and how well they work together. That’s why at ShipBlu, our recruitment process involves so many people – we don’t just look for the best candidates, we look for candidates who fit the ShipBlu culture. Our people don’t need to be pushed, they’re already driven. They are initiative-takers and problem-solvers, and we spend our time figuring out how to make them have fun doing what they love, and maintain a healthy work-life balance.

  • Transportation Benefits:Sign up for one of our many transportation programs and save on your commute.

  • Learn to Save Bonus! Every time you contribute to your savings, ShipBlu matches your contribution!

  • Lounge and Game Room: A workplace should be a well rounded environment, where people can work, destress, and socialize

  • Premium Health Insurance: We like taking care of our teams, and that means access to some of the best health insurance programs

  • Self-Development Incentives: We sponsor a number of in-person and online courses designed to help you develop various skills.

  • Work-from-Home Days: Whether you prefer to work from home or on the beach, why not?! Work from home days are designed for that.